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Island Escapades was created due to Jack Rosen and Candace Snow’s love of the outdoors and their passion to educate youth through experiential learning. Our programs focus on outdoor learning, environmental education and group dynamics. Co-founder Jack has worked with youth for over 26 years in government agencies, schools and privately with Island Escapades. His experience and knowledge is vast and the energy and enthusiasm that he exudes is addictive. The staff he has trained and who help co-ordinate programs are compassionate, fun, experienced, extremely knowledgeable and safety conscious.
All guides have years of experience in the outdoors and working with Youth:

* Certified by the SKGABC (Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of B.C.)
* Wilderness First Aid Certified
* Hand Held Marine Operators license
* Inter-tidal and Interpretive Training
* Climbing and Belay Certified

Island Escapades understands the budget constraints that teachers must work with and have compiled a varied slate of programs offering a wide price range and choice of activities. We have aimed to meet curriculum demands by having teachers place their input into program development. This year we are offering special rates for any classes bringing more than 15 students. All our overnight programs are camping or expedition-oriented. Groups do
have options of staying in Cottages or Cabins. The all-inclusive camping
programs based out of Ruckle Park can have any of the activities listed
below. Programs are tailor made to suit your class needs, giving a
balance of adventure activities and education modules.
Sailing & Whale Viewing Options
This has become a very popular program for schools in the Victoria and Vancouver area. We provide transportation from the Fulford or Long Harbour ferries to and from Ruckle Provincial Park. Day programs at Ruckle Park can offer leadership initiatives, any of our Eco Education programs, intertidal sessions, hikes or even kayak sessions (extra pricing). These exciting day programs can include lunch or students can bring their own. Ruckle is a spectacular park located on the ocean in the south eastern side of Salt Spring. The 1200 acre working farm and coastal park is a perfect setting for outdoor ed. programs or team building activities. We have been running programs here for 22 years so we know the area intimately and can set up a program tailor made to suit your educational/outdoor needs.

Full Day without lunch.......$72/person
Full Day with Lunch...........$85/person


Ruckle Park Day Programs

These all inclusive programs are either expedition-based, lodge-based or camping-based at Ruckle Park. They include all your adventure activities & eco ed programming, plus full camping gear, food and instructors. Expedition programs visit National and Provincial parks in the southern Gulf Islands.

Ruckle Park Camping....................................$130/person/day

First-aid scenarios
Initiative tasks & team building
Campfire music/storytelling
Survival skills
West coast crafts
The great survival race


New From Island Escapades: Interpretive Walk

Edible Plants of Salt Spring (with Traditional Pit Cook and bow drill session)

Join us every Saturday from 1:00 to 3:30 pm for an interactive afternoon learning about plant Ecology, edible plants and traditional Ancient ways. Learn to appreciate your walk through this temperate coastal rainforest.
Learn about traditional ways of healing and the diversity of plants that you can graze on.

Salt Spring Island is a place full of biodiversity and home of many different species of plants. In this tour we explore that biodiversity and become comfortable with a variety of edible and medicinal plants. We spend time learning about ancient ways to cook and make fire and even prepare our own meal from local produce in the primitive way: with a Pit Cook.

Come explore the sea shore and Moat park on this 2.5 hour tour. We will gather foliage, prepare the pit for our food, go on our walk and come back to a delicious snack of local produce.

First session starts July 4th. Call toll free 1-888-529-2567 to sign up.

Every Saturday 1-3:30 pm. Cost is $40 Adults, $25 Students & Youth.


Edible Plants Tour Guide



Edible Plants Basket

Education Modules

                               These modules can be added to Overnight and Day Programs

Intertidal StudiesIntertidal Studies

Explore the intertidal zone of Salt Spring Island by kayak. Exploring by kayak allows us to get right up along the shoreline where we can view sea stars, sea cucumbers, crabs and many other species. All of these species are dependent on each other for survival. Human interaction with this ecosystem, if negative, can have grave consequences on the entire ocean. With this program you will not only learn about the intertidal zone you will also learn some of the finer points of sea kayaking.


Marine MammalsMarine Mammals

The waters around Salt Spring Island and the Southern Gulf Islands are filled with marine mammals and birds including seals, sea lions, mink, river otters, whales, porpoise, dolphins, seasonal ducks, shore birds and raptors. These Creatures are greatly affected by boats, air traffic and human pollutions. We will examine the behaviour of these mammals and their interactions with other mammals including humans.


Local Indigenous PlantsLocal Indigenous Plants

With this program you will walk through a variety of areas on Salt Spring Island, including Mt Maxwell Provincial Park and Ruckle Provincial Park along the waterfront. This program is aimed at teaching about the different native plants that are found on Salt Spring Island with many of these species being found throughout the south coast of British Columbia.


First Nations HistoryFirst Nations History

In addition to the natural studies we are offering a comprehensive study on the First Nations people who used Salt Spring Island as village sites. In this section students will learn about traditional fishing, hunting, travel, cooking and building. Students will travel by kayak a historic means of transportation for First Nations to a midden beach where they will be shown tradtional pit cooking techniques and will have the opportunity to build a ceremonial sweat lodge. While cooking and building students will have an opportunity to use traditional tools as well. Students will visit historic landmarks for the First Nations on Salt Spring and will learn about the First Nations people who live in Canada, British Columbia and on Salt Spring Island.


BC Forest EcologyBC Forest Ecology

This program is aimed at teaching forest sustainability. Students will visit a first growth forest on Salt Spring Island Mill Farm between Mt. Bruce and Mt Tuam. They will then be taken to Seven Raven farms where they will be given a tour and talk about forest sustainability and what this means to residents of Salt Spring and British Columbia.

Students will also be given information on wwoofing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) opportunities and see first hand what logging does to slope stability and soil erosion.



Stream EcologyStream Ecology

This program is aimed at teaching students about the fresh water ecosystems and how the streams and lakes shift from being full of life to there eventual death. Students will examine many of the different micro-organisms found in the fresh water ecosystem, while studying with biologists and members of the Cusheon Lake watershed society. Students will examine birds and mammals that reside on the lake including Beaver, Otter and Nutria.

Expedition Programming

These all-inclusive programs may include any of the optional modules plus an array of environmental education in the field as we view marine mammals, intertidal life and sea birds. We set up camp at various Provincial and National Marine Parks around Salt Spring. These camp sites include Wallace Island, Dionisio Marine Park on Galiano, Prevost Island, Valdez & Tent Island or Princess Margrette Island. First day programs can include a 3-hour rescue course on Cusheon Lake, prior to heading out to the Parks. Programs are diverse and action packed with Team Building Initiatives, First Aid Scenarios, Survival skill training, Navigational skills and Route Planning. Groups can also set up Rock climbing sessions and do several of the education modules including Native Sweat Lodges. These programs are an unforgettable experience!! Please view our web site in the Photo Gallery to view pictures.

Non Summer Bookings (September to June) $149 per person/ day

Summer bookings (July and August) $169 per person/ day

Groups Wallace

Please contact us if you have any
questions or require more information.



English as a Second Language
(ESL) Programs

We offer programs for ESL students and staff. Enjoy a fun and relaxing day on trips around Salt Spring or the Gulf Islands.